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General Information~

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a delightfully affectionate, playful, intelligent little dog
that repays his owner's care and attention with an endearing devotion.

Cavaliers are not kennel dogs.
Because of four hundred years
of close contact with their owners
and their development as lap dogs,
they make wonderful companions.
They are happy, outgoing, loving
little dogs who want to love you
and be loved, to run and play in
a safe place, and to sleep in a
soft bed - preferably your bed,
but they're willing to negotiate
on that point! They get along well
with children, cats and other dogs.

Because young Cavalier puppies
are so small, some breeders are
reluctant to sell a puppy to a family with
children under age five. Such families
may find that an older puppy or grown
dog may be more suitable. Cavalier
puppies do not thrive when left all day
without human companionship or the
company of another animal. They are
highly intelligent and require the same
consistent and loving discipline as does
a child.

Cavaliers are active and sporting little dogs
that require exercise. They have  an instinct
to give chase to just about anything that
moves, and should either be on a leash or
in a fenced yard or they will surly come to
grief under the wheels of a car. Because
Cavaliers never become "street-wise",
some Cavalier breeders require a fenced
yard as a prerequisite for Cavalier ownership.

While Cavaliers are clean, intelligent, and
easy to groom and train, they do shed,
occasionally chew things, and sometimes
forget their manners by barking, making a
puddle, and so on. In other words, they
really are first and always dogs, in spite
of their ethereal faces!

Phone:(503) 851-1187
(503) 409-3491

Located in Oregon
AKC is the only registry that protects you by requiring breeders to provide DNA samples to verify lineage.

Tammy & Dave
Radell Heights Cavaliers



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