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Your Puppy

There are two rules to keep in mind when housebreaking your new
puppy. The first being that if
you don't catch your puppy doing it - then don't punish him for it!
The second rule is that when
your puppy gets it right, praise him immediately. Don't let
housebreaking be something in which
your puppy only hears the word - "NO".There are several different
methods of housebreaking.
Paper training sometimes may be difficult because some puppies
tend to rip the pee pads to
shreds in a matter of minutes and they get quite a bit of joy from
doing this, I might add. You can
also try the method of constant supervision. This method involves
no papers or crates. You will
however be spending all of your time with your new puppy. This
works well for people who work
in their homes, some retired people, etc. Whenever you see the
puppy getting ready to find a
place to do his business, you take him outside. You will want the
puppy to understand that the
purpose of going outside was to go to the bathroom. Do not start
playing with him, make it a trip
for a reason. You will be using verbal cues with this method a lot.
Example, "outside", "go
potty", etc. We still recommend having a crate available as a
backup when you have to be away
from the puppy. I am going to tell you about my preferred method
which is Crate Training. The
reasoning behind crate training is that the puppy is placed in a
cage that is just large enough to
be a bed. Dogs do not like to soil their beds because they would
have to lay in the mess. It
works, and while in these confines, most pups will control their
bladder and bowels for a longer
time that we would expect. I prefer for young puppies, at 8 or 9
weeks of age not to remain in a
crate more than 4 hours at a time. This time frame can certainly be
lengthen as the puppy ages.
During housebreaking, whenever the puppy is inside the home but
can not be watched, he is
placed in the crate. The last thing that you want to do before you
put the puppy in the crate is
take him outside to his favorite potty place. The first thing that you
do when you take the puppy
out of the crate is take him again outside to his favorite place. No
food or water goes in the crate.
Just a soft blanket and maybe a safe chew toy to occupy his time.
Overnight is definitely crate
time. As your faith in the puppy grows, leave him out for longer
periods of time. You will notice
that he will also need to go out within 30 minutes or so after eating.
Purchase a crate or cage that
will be big enough for him as an adult, but choose a model that
comes with a divider panel as an
accessory. Using too large of a crate can sometimes teach the
puppy that he can go to one end
of it and use the bathroom and he will not have to worry about
messing up his bed. This is a hard
problem to fix once it starts. You must be consistent when trying to
housebreak a puppy.
When you take your puppy outside for bathroom time, do NOT play
with the puppy. Just stand
around and try to look bored, you can however keep repeating your
verbal cues. One he uses
the bathroom, praise him immediately, pick him up and take him
inside to play. If an accident
occurs, don't scold him. Let's face it, it was your fault, not the pups.
You weren't watching him. If
you catch him in the act, just sternly tell him "No" and carry him
outside to finish his business.

Most importantly be patient with your new puppy and stay calm. He
will want to please you
his entire life.
That's just another great thing about dogs!
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